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Welcome to Cone Machinery, Inc., manufacturers of world class Sawmill Machinery for over 25 years. Our South Georgia plant is a 35,000-square-foot facility, including a CNC machine shop, a fabrication department, equipment assembly warehouse, and executive sales offices.

Our line-up of American-made equipment includes chipping edgers, saw edgers, optimized edger infeeds, log turners, canter infeeds (standard length and extended length), chipping canters, circular saw sections, single and double arbor gang saws, and vertical single and double arbor edgers. Cone also offers industrial manufacturing of custom parts, components, or products. We can design, fabricate, or machine any item that you want.

We're proud to be the exclusive USA manufacturer for Blue Diamond Dual Hopper Log Shavers. Take a look at the photos here or watch the video to see the heavy duty construction of our Dual Log Box Shavers.

We also specialize in CNS-related items for modifying, improving, and rebuilding Chip-N-Saws. Our CNS machine improvements offered include state-of-the-art log scanning and setworks systems, yield enhancement, and feed works conversions featuring Rex reducers programs.

  • American-Made Sawmill Equipment
  • Blue Diamond Dual Hopper Log Shavers
  • CNS Production Support for Chip-N-Saws
  • Custom Industrial Design and Manufacturing

From the very beginning, we have been determined to make God our Senior Partner.

In a crisis, the problem is turned over to Him, and He has never failed to help us with the answer.

Each item that we produce must reflect the integrity of management, including our Senior Partner.

If sometimes we fail because we are human, we find it imperative to do our utmost to make it right.

In addition to being Senior Partner, He is also our Heavenly Father and it is a great blessing to us to have this security in these troubled times.

If you are troubled or perplexed and looking for answers, may we invite you to look to Him, for God loves you.

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” – John 3:16

Blue Diamond Dual Hopper Log Shaver
New single box photos are now online. Click here to view.

"I've been in the sawmill industry all of my life and found that the equipment manufactured by Cone Machinery stands the test of time. In fact, if you look around the industry, you can find 15-plus-year-old Cone machines still processing Southern yellow pine, day-in and day-out. They are one of our most valued partners. They listen to our needs and respond in a timely manner, and always have an innovative solution."
- Frank P. / Metcalfe, GA

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