Auto Rotation Log Turner

Main Frame and Slide Shafts:

Cone employs heavy wall square and rectangular steel tubing in the construction of log turner frames. Tubes are extensively braced with plates in all high-stress areas. Mounting pads with leveling screws are provided. Slide shafts are 4" diameter, chrome plated. Slide bushings are long-lasting hard bronze, protected by rod scrapers.

Spike Rolls:

The turning rolls are one piece held on the axle shaft by Ringfeder locking assemblies. The spikes are screw-in style and may be purchased in hardened or chromed versions. As with all of Cone equipment, ease of maintenance is a driving factor in the design process. Here, one person with an impact wrench can change all of the spikes with the roll still mounted in the machine in a fraction of the time it takes to change conventional weld-on spikes.

Roll Closing Cylinders:

The spike roll closing cylinders consists of pneumatic cylinders for cushioning coupled to hydraulic linear positioning cylinders. The linear positioners preset the spike rolls for the diameter of the incoming log. The pneumatic cushion cylinders allow the spike rolls to follow the contours of each log and provide the holding power while the log is being turned.

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Spike Roll Drives:

The spike rolls are direct driven, usually with 7.5 HP TEFC motors and Rex reducers.

Log Turning Cylinders:

Heavy duty long stroke hydraulic linear positioning cylinders are used to turn the logs. Each linear positioner is complete with proportional valve, Temposonics wand with cover, and a pressure filter assembly.

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