Cone Machinery, Inc. is located in Thomasville, GA (about 30 miles north of Tallahassee, FL). Our facility is just a half mile from the Thomasville Regional Airport. The staff is currently 32 employees, working in a 52,000-square-foot fabrication and machine shop facility.

Cone Machinery, Inc. manufactures a complete line of sawmill machinery, including:

  • Blue Diamond dual hopper log shavers
  • chipping edgers
  • saw edgers
  • optimized edger infeeds
  • log turners
  • canter infeeds (standard length and extended length)
  • chipping canters
  • circular saw sections
  • single and double arbor gang saws
  • vertical single and double arbor edgers

CNS-Related Items - Cone Machinery, Inc. specializes in modifying, improving, and rebuilding Chip-n-Saws. Many people on the staff are highly experienced with these machines. CNS machine improvements offered include:

  1. State-of-the-art log scanning and setworks systems
  2. Yield enhancement programs
  3. Feed works conversions featuring Rex reducers

Sales Personnel - Two sales engineers cover the fourteen south eastern states, primarily calling on pine sawmills.

Mechanical Service Personnel - Cone Machinery, Inc. offers a four-man permanent service staff, with additional personnel available for field work.

Electronics Personnel - A highly competent electronics technician is available for programming work, interfacing, and installing programmable controllers and scanner computer systems.

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