Cone Machinery parts division CMI specialize in replacement parts and conversions for CNS as well as OEM replacement parts for various other machines.

Parts we manufacture are of the highest quality and our delivery times are better than industry standards. Here is a partial listing of what we offer:

CNS Replacement Parts
  • Guide Bars and Replacement Shoes
  • Infeed Chains and Conversions for standard and D.L.I applications
  • OEM side, top, and bottom Head Frames, new and re-conditioned
  • OEM Air and Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Linear Positioner Set Works
  • Servo / Proportional Valves
  • Knurled and Chromed Feed Rolls
  • Screw-In Spike Rolls
  • Saw Arbors / Splined Sleeves, all types
  • Chipping Head Assemblies / Segments (replaceable knife and
        conventional style)
  • OEM parts for CNS Mark II machines (bearings, seal kits, UHMW, etc.)
  • Vertical Edger replacement parts
  • Saw Edger parts
  • Saw Section parts
  • Log Turner parts
O.E.M. Replacement Parts for any Manufacturer
  • Feed Rolls (Knurled, Coleman, Spiked, Fluted, etc.)
  • Chains Roller and Drag with Custom Flight Designs
  • Splined Sleeves for all machines (Retech, Involute, Ukiah, & etc.)
  • Edger (vertical and horizontal) parts
  • Saw Guides (steel or aluminum)
  • Saw and Chipping Arbors (all types)
  • Air, Hydraulic, and Linear Cylinder replacement and repair
  • Gear Reducer Replacement / Electric Drive Conversions from Hydraulic
  • Temposonic Wands and Servo / Proportional Valve Repairs and Sales
  • Wear Components (Anvils, guide plates, and chain guides in UHMW, metal,
        and Synsteel
We are available 24/7 through our after hours service numbers.

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