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Auto Rotation Log Turner

The Auto Rotation Log Turner is used in conjunction with extended length infeeds that feed four-sided canters. The turner rotates the log based on data received from an x-y scanner mounted on a conveyor immediately upstream from turner.

The logs are rotated for optimum recovery and handed off to the infeed section where they are gripped firmly and presented to the machining centers for processing.

Blue Diamond Dual Hopper Log Shavers

The BLUE DIAMOND Dual Hopper Log Machine's heavy duty construction is designed and built for long life in constant production. The machine is free-standing with foot pads suitable for bolting down and is ready for immediate connection to the electrical supply. A controls console is also available.

Board Edgers

Side boards coming from the CNS and other machines in the sawmill must be edged to produce useable lumber. This is done with machines called edgers.

Chipping Section

The chipping section is a machining center designed to reduce logs from round shapes into squares or rectangles. These modules come in many varieties, but are typically made up of a fixed bottom head, followed by moveable side and top heads.

Control Panels and Consoles

At Cone, our machine controls department specializes in design, installation, start-up, and troubleshooting services for control panels and consoles

Infeed Section

The infeed is designed to hold logs in the orientation established by the log turner minimizing, any movement of the logs while they are being scanned for machining, and thereby increasing recovery.

Infeeds are available in standard, extended, and double length.

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Horizontal Gangs

Horizontal gangs are used to saw cants into lumber. The cants may be two-sided, three-sided, or four-sided and anywhere from 4" to 12" thick.

Outfeed Conveyor (Roll Case)

After machining and sawing, cants and side boards must be separated for further processing. To accomplish this, Cone Machinery supplies an outfeed conveyor.

Saw Sections

Saw sections are usually located just behind the chipping section. They can remove one or two side boards from each side of the cants as they pass through the module.

Small Log Machine

All sawmills have some percentage of small logs in their inventories. When these logs are run on machinery designed to process larger material, the overall efficiency of the mill declines and so do profits. The solution to this problem is to install a machine dedicated to running the small logs, freeing up the other machinery to run more of the high volume, high-profit logs.

Spline Remover

Some chipping canters make a minimum guide spline with the bottom head that must be removed when the cant exits the saw section. To accomplish this, Cone Machinery, Inc. makes a machine called a Spline Remover.

Vertical Edgers

Center cants must be further broken down once they come off of the roll case. This is usually done with a machine called a vertical edger.

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